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Monday, January 10, 2011





See my brother grow so fast he's 188cm tall rite now!! and he's only 15!!!

Tis unique 5 star restaurant serve good food!!!

ok!!! we're leo foo village theme park gang!!!! awesome ppl!!! from left:hui min, joan,me,mervin,sean,hui wen,sarah n megan!

me n piggy!!!

i brew my own coffee k!!!

Malaysia airline serve us haagen dazs!!! as dessert!!

my first meal!!! second meal is chicken tenderloin serve with fruits salad didnt capture any pic cz lazy xP

Two meals + one dessert!!! i love MAS!!! best hospitality so far compare to other airline!!!!

Ok some pic above from Taiwan:) HKG pic on the way!!
Hi Huns! I'm back from Hong Kong.... I'm totally broke right now.. OMG 3 days spend RM4K
I know i'm psycho but stuff there really freaking cheap and food there is so much delicious than taiwan. I spend so much also because we spend alot in causeway bay and branded bags! I dont care, i wanna go again in april!! Cham lo tis coming june am going to Bali than july Taiwan again!! I think i need to start saving from now onwards! If not i couldnt shop!! ZOMG!! Save me darlings!!!!! Teach me how to stop spending!!!! I'm a big spender!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OMG....few more days is gonna be new year...woots....HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE IN ADVANCE...:)
Wish all of u all the best ya.....
Ok, lately i'm kinda busy, i also dont know wat makes me so busy....sorry tat i didnt really update my post.... Today i went gardens with my dear to get a LV XXXXXX DAMIEN.....I spot another new love...hmmm..i wanna get it....i need to save first cz during my taiwan trip i spend alot...People go get LONGHAMP in taiwan....they are freaking cheap man.....i bought 2 longchamp and 2 coach.....mum promise to get me another one for my next visit to taiwan on july (post it here first later my mummy break her promise..hahaha)

For me i dont really think taiwan food taste that good maybe is my own problem la, u guys can pay them a visit n taste it there is either like too sweet or too salty or weird weird taste...i dont really like the food there bt for shopping,place there is shopping there is freaking cheap, i bought 6 pairs of nike there....if u like it go get it hun.....worth buying there....sightseeing there so so only...honestly taipei 101 there is nt as grand or nice as u think..... i think pavillion n the garden better!! (my own opinion la) but am still going to taiwan next year july with my we wanna go there for babes wanna get all kind of branded bags from there....they're really psycho cz now they already start planning what to buy adi(u see u see they are so freaking excited)....hmmm......i gotta save more now cz i wanna shop also..wahahahha...hmmm....late nite now gonna sleep...xoxo..nite nite ppl.....

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hmmp....Just came bck from taiwan for like 3days and i miss my taiwan buddies, miss joan, megan, sarah, hui wen, hui min and mr sean!!! Our theme park experience and our ximending experience!! They r nice ppl.....hmmm....will post their pic soon...stay tune ya!! :-)

Pictures on the way dearies...will post up soon...fong sam fong sam...dont chui me pls.....lately busy unpack my stuff@@

By the way happy tong yun festivel into my gossip girls drama series lately...tatata.....will update u all soon....XOXO <3

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh my gosh.......time fly so fast and i'm done with my industrial training.. :)
SO SORRY for leaving my blog dead for so long, almost 4 my fault!! Im lazy.
Dont know why, i'm feeling so good in i'm going on a holiday soon...yeah!!!!! I'm craving for shopping, savouring for food during my training period. This time i really gt to relax...hmmmppp......

Going to submit my assignments few days more, rushing like hell rite now....wth tat we need to have some many words in it huh?? 5000 words in one section!!! I've gt 2 section...hmmpp...
But after submission, mum promise to bring me for facial....than message!!! Thanks mimi <3
My schedule almost going to fully, sorry to those dearies that i haven meet u all up yet.....sorry that i always ffk u all....hehe.....

Update about last week, Idk y gals love to compare so much?why so jealous about ppl? Found out some lame fella, love to show off so much using branded bags. Come on la, to me you're nothing k....branded bags doesnt makes yr status go higher k, cz if u're tat wealthy enough to use a branded bags yr purse shld hv cash more than cards ok? even a few dolars also cant even pay, even parking also need me to pay for, if you wanna show us how successful and great tat you are, sorry to tell you tat we're not interested. Lies cover lies in the end you're the bad loser!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :)

X'mas coming,tis year i gt another special person celebrating with me. SO HAPPY!! review to u all soon...hehe...xoxo.....picture will be uploaded on my nxt post about my four months training life:) stay tune peeps!!! xoxo

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hmm...lately i really non stop eating and hanging out with my dearies,ok...last wednesday,i went out wit my dear YUAN TING for movie,(finally i watch eclipse) edward cullen is so so so handsome ><><)
second stop the face shop,force my dear to buy eyeliner (cz she's a lazy baby,wan her to learn how to put on make up...ahahahaha...sry to be tat bad to force you my dear)
after tat movie and went day gone^^ so fast...

ok than,saturday went for tea with the bunch...also my dearies,evonne,joey,terence,jason,tommy,ah foo.....went to kuchai for tea,eat again.....fried food somemore.....funny hanging out wit them more n more.......okay another day gone......

Okay,sunday (means yesterday 8 august 2010) went lunch with family at hulu langat....daddy called my love dish herbs steams with chicken, bro love calamari, mum love ginger steam fish an dad love belacan kankung...ahahahahaa tat after than went axis atrium to my uncle shop,grandmum was there, hug here tight tight,miss her lots.....than they went old town for tea, i stay at the shop chit chat with uncle employee........
Dinner time,i went pavillion....Had my dinner at yin ker lou restaurant,(people go try...i love the food there lots,i called pig stomach gut n lots.........go try....wont regret...reasonable price i think)
after dinner went shopping, I went LONGCHAMP ........bought another 20% discount...tis bag came 4 from paris to malaysia n left 1 so i bought it......having great sales on leather go grab it ppl) loving tis brand more n more...nice n trendy.......

so today, i'm going to broke dear GRACE birthday coming soon.........getting her a present u money finish like water so fast......and i gain weight!!!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

It was like a month i didnt blog,so so really really busy......

Ok....end of june till july.....i non stop hanging out with my dearies,using money like water like tat@@...i found out tat i bought lots of cloths,bags,accessories n etc...since i start training in Sg. Wang><.........4 months to go on......and been hanging out lots lately,okay in mid of june my dear joey birthday,we went malacca......wanna wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR once again here^^...

Than my dear Jasmine birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER...WISH HER ALL THE BEST.....

Than went gathering with my another bunch of dearies to celebrate Ms RYNA birthday(will update her picture soon) once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR RYNA here....and lots of them more><...was like 12 friends birthday><



people! CARLO RINO having great sales!!!go grab go grab...but dont grab till like me went bankrupt!!!!! will upload photo later....^^ stay tune ya....

Disappeared @ Friday, July 30, 2010 ♥

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sry for leaving my blog dead really busy busy busy...........ok...every morning i gotta wake up around 7am to get prepare to work......reach home around getting older n older.......weaker and plump!!!picture above is on my way to work....camwhore while mummy fetching me to work.......i'm wearing my uniform by the way........i look so yong shui!!!

So sorry tat i didnt update my blog>< sry.......gotta going to update tmr ya...i promise...i swear!!!!stay tune wanna upload my photo to my lappy^^

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